Our Vision: Helping others reach their highest potential by encouraging, developing and equipping them for the work of service.

 Visioneering Alaska is an informational/training overview of management and leadership. We’ll examine together the importance of a vision, things that make us who we are, and examples of effective management and leadership.

Each chapter is an independent unit. However, they all link together progressing towards servant leadership. Discussion and examples of the ultimate servant leader/mentor are included under additional topics.

Our hope and desire is that it will ignite your interest to search more deeply into each and every topic, and that you will adopt a servant leader life style. We would appreciate any suggestions, recommendations or questions you care to share with us. Just click on the Contact Us Chapter and we’ll respond. (Your e-mail address (if used,will be secured and  will be confidential.)

Additional  related  topics are included. ( Additional Topics )

The first chapter is Why a Vision

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