PENTECOST: Feast of Weeks (Shavout)

                                                                                                                                  INTRODUCTION Both the Old and New Covenants are Jewish, inspired by God, and written for both Jewish and Gentile (Goy) believers. The New Covenant is built upon and completes the Hebrew Scriptures, which entails accounts of vicarious atonement, salvation, immersion, a Messiah, and required feasts. This discussion will focus on […]

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Passover – Unleavened Bread

                               Have you ever wondered why Jewish people celebrate Passover and Gentiles celebrate Easter? Why isn’t Easter found in the scriptures? Both occur closely together in the Spring of the year, so is there a connection? The answer to those questions […]

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The Jewish celebration of Chanukkah is known by many different names including: the Feast of Rededication, Second Tabernacles and the Festival of Lights. Yeshua (Jesus) experienced and participated in this annual celebration. The lamp stand used in the Temple is called a Menorah. The Temple Menorah held seven candles or bowls of oil. A Chanukkah […]

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